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As the nation’s premier federal services firm, we use our rapid-response recruiting engine to partner with prime contractors and win competitive single-award task orders. Let us help you today!

Here's Our Pitch

You want to grow as a prime. We are an excellent sub partner. Growth is the common denominator.

As your teaming partner, we use our rapid-response recruiting engine to help you bid and win more prime contracts.

We power your bid in two ways.

We power your bid in two ways.

Scenario 1

Task Order Bids

You know the common scenario. TORFP hits the street COB Wednesday. Bid due Friday morning. You have insight and quals. But you can’t bid because of the personnel eval criterion. Call us. Anytime. We’ll capture the right folks while you finish the bid.

Proof Point

Department of Justice
Winning A Sprint
Won $2.5M law enforcement task order within 48 hours

The Story

  • Invited by prime to bid on a “cold” GWAC TORFP
  • Recruited 4 software engineers with TS clearances
  • Enhanced proposal by capturing insights from candidates
  • Hired 2 West 4th Strategy employees
  • Authorized prime to hire 2 other employees – that West 4th Strategy recruited
Scenario 2

Systematic Capture

You’re chasing a deal. Personnel, transition, and risk are highly weighted. We solve the people problem. As partners, we’ll play a unique and vital role thru the entire 9-18 month capture lifecycle. We’ll find and sign the right folks and do all the little things to increase p-WIN, from converting candidate insights into compelling market insights to writing content in the proposal tank.

Proof Point

Department of Homeland Security
Winning the Long Game
Won $80M cybersecurity program management contract after independently driving capture

The Story

  • Targeted opportunity before engaging a prime
  • Retained 30+ of 80~ incumbent employees
  • Recruited 60%+ of total staff
  • Found prime after completing recruiting campaign
  • Built cost model ultimately used by prime
  • Recruited 3 small business with domain-specific past performance
  • Recruited 6 on-the-ground 1099s
  • Worked from prime’s proposal tank for 3 weeks
  • Hired 8 West 4th Strategy employees with 0% attrition in 2 years

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